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Teen Gives Judge the Finger in Court

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2/5/20013 6:51 EST

A Miami teen was sentenced to 30 days in jail for giving judge Jorge Rodriguez the finger and telling him to go f___himself doing a court preceding today. Penelope Soto was in court after being arrested for drug possesion. When the Judge set her bond a $5,000 she said "adios," most likely in a sarchastic way and the judge called her back up to the bench. He raised her bond from $5,000 to $10,000. This is when Soto, 18, said "are you serious? Go f___ yourself," giving him the finger.

Tony Parker: I told you Chris Brown was a violent thug

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2/5/2013 5:57 EST

Tony parker has filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit against the club he attended when Chris Brown's and Drake's crews got in the brawl over Rihanna. Parker's Cornia was scracted by a piece of broken glass during the melee. Now, with Chris Browns new accusation of violently attacking Frank Ocean, Parker is saying: I told you Chris brown is nothing but a violent thug and shouldn't have been let into the club that night.
Rapper Rick Ross Target of Drive by Shooting

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1/29/2013 1:59AM EST

Miami Rapper Rick Ross nearly lost his life early Monday morning. Celebrating his birthday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Ross's Rolls Royce was the target of a drive by shooting. Two by standers told dectectives the Gunman let off 20 rounds. Ross and his passenger,Shateria L. Moragne-e, attempted to drive off but the shots caused him to lose control of the vehicle and he hit a near-by apartment building. None of the shots hit the vehicle and the assailants fled before authorities arrived. Experts are warning Ross to enhance security                                                                           because of the danger he is in.

Colin Kaepernick is the Future of the Quarterback Position

1/23/2013 12:19 AM EST

Michael Hardley

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Super bowl bound 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has taken the NFL by storm. He is the future and it has arrived. This young man stands nearly 6 foot 5 and weighs 233 pounds. He  runs a 4.53 40 yard dash and thows a 92 mph fast ball from his baseball days. Coaches around the league are in awe of this talent and defensive coordinators dont know how to stop him. He is like a giant Michael VIck with an attitude except almost all of his tatoos have religious meaning. In the videos section you can watch Colin                                                                                                                                        Kaepernick decimate NFL defenses.

Allen Iverson Reaches 3 Million Dollar Settlement With Estranged Wife

1/21/2013 9:48PM PST

Nate Clements

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Future hall-of-famer Allen Iveron has reached a 3 million dollar court settlement with his estraged wife Tawanna. Iverson reportedly has 18 million in assests 3 of which now belong to Tawanna. She was very pleased with the judges decison. It is also very good to see that Iverson isn't broke as many reports have suggested.

Inspiring Lazaro Arbos Makes it Through to Hollywood

1/20/2013 11:34 PST

Cynthia Simmons

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American Idol Contestant Lazaro Arbos has been struggling with his stuttering since birth. When he moved to the United States from Cuba at age 10 his stuttering worsened.Watch below as a very emotional Lazaro kills his audition and inspires millions with his                                                                                             story.